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What to check in a property before renting?

Before you sign the rental agreement on a property, check for the following things:

Damp Walls and Doors - Check for any damp walls and doors in the house/apartment. It could be a sign of major leakage in the house or the building.

Pipes – be it gas, water or anything else, check for leaks.

Sink faucets, shower heads and water – make sure water (both cold and hot) really comes out of the faucets and the shower head and it’s with a decent pressure. Also the toilet has to flush properly and thoroughly.

Electricity and appliances should all be working. Check if all the lights or other electric devices are operational.

Walls and windows. Check the windows to see if they open close and lock properly. Also inspect the walls. The more walls in common (shared with adjoining apartments), the greater the chance of noise from next door.

Noise. If it’s a highly trafficked area you may have problems concentrating and even sleeping.

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