Income Tax Redemption possible for an NRI?

If your total income in India, including rental income is below the basic exemption limit of Rs 1.6 lakh, you can get a TDS exemption. But the process can be complicated. You would need to apply to the tax authorities for a tax exemption certificate and submit the certificate to the tenant. The issue of the certificate is at the discretion of the tax officer and he needs to be convinced about your case.

Alternately, an easier way would be to file your returns and claim refund of the TDS paid.

In such cases however, the rental income may be taxed fully in the country of your residence (based on the tax laws in that country.) So if you are a resident of the US, even though your income is below the basic exemption limit in India and you pay no taxes in India, this income will be added to your income in the US and taxed according to US laws.

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