What should be the notice period should I agree with my landlord?

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    I’m just about to sign the lease with my landlord in Bangalore. The Landlord suggested that we have notice period of 2 months. I have seen a lot of places that people have 1 month notice period. But I’m not sure whether if I should go with 2 month lease or negotiate it down to 1 month. What do you say?

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    Each parcel of land is retsrgeied with the county at least. Each county has a Register (or name like that), whose job is to keep track of who owns what. Or sometimes what is usually the same: What is owned by whom. Authorities keep this registry for two reasons (and sometimes it is two different offices): 1. to collect real estate taxes, and 2. to help property title and mortgages and other liens. So, yes. You can check if you have the address. Nowadays, you can check for ownership online. you can start googling the key words in your question or this answer and you’ll get the info. With the address, look for the Block and Lot numbers for the property. With that, you get the deed. The deed -or info taken from it- will tell you who is the owner. You can also call the County and ask for the address of the records office. Then you go there and get it (if you don’t want to use internet). Good luck.

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