Roomate charging more rent/ Fake Agreement

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    Hi , I am renting a flat in Pune Since Oct 2012. When I shifted to this place my roomate told me that flat rent is 20000/- and which we 4 will split to 5000 each. Recently when our rental agreement was renewed , He told me that rent is now 16500/-(This time I was there while preparing rent agreement). When I questioned my room mate he told that for some reasons rent has been decreased. Few days later I saw rent agreements for year 2010-2011 Rent 12500/- then 2011-2012 Rent 14500, now I have a big question that was my room mate cheating on me. I enquired him again to which he provided me a rent agreement for Dec 2012 to Aug 2013 for 20000/- which I thing is fake.
    2010-2011 Rent 12500 I was not here that time, I found agreement in cupboard.
    2011-2012 Rent 14500 I was not here that time, I found agreement in cupboard.
    2012-2013 Rent 20000 I think agreement is fake.
    2013-2014 Rent 16500 OK
    Could any body please tell me that how can I check that rent agreement for 2012-2013 , if it is fake????????

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