Prepare your Rental Agreement in Minutes! – India Rental Agreement

Prepare your Rental Agreement Online in Minutes!

India Rental Agreement helps you create your own rental/lease agreement for your home and commercial property. It’s SIMPLE and easy – It only takes a few minutes!

NO Brokerage Fees. NO Hidden Costs. NO Hassle!


Once you have found a tenant for your residential or commercial property, fill out our online form with all the details. This will take less than 15 minutes!


Pay online through our extremely secure payment gateway. We charge only Rs. 449 per rental agreement + the cost of Stamp Paper (varies by city). NO hidden costs.


We will do the hard work of preparing completely custom rental lease agreement just for you and ship it to you within 24-48 hours. Simple!

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Prepare your Rental Agreement Online in minutes! No Brokerage Fees!